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At TS Lombard, we provide deep and early insight in order to help our investment management clients better assess macro economic and political drivers of the global economy and major asset classes. We have 30 years of forecasting success as our Track Record shows. 

We also provide economic research and consulting to corporations, banks, governments, agencies, sovereign wealth funds and high net worth individuals. Unusually we also have capabilities in political analysis and thematic sector research to complement our macro understanding. It is this combination of expertise in economics, politics and markets stretching back more than 30 years, and our ability to cover so many large countries in depth, which sets us apart.

From these foundations we have built unrivalled expertise in mapping the global economy and in explaining and predicting the forces and flows at work. Unlike many other independent research firms, we look at both the economic and political landscape before giving you our recommendations based on the bigger picture – in a concise, clear and complete fashion.

Our network of analysts are located around the globe and give our central team in London a much clearer view of how the world is changing in real time. We strongly believe in internal debate and stress-testing in order to arrive at the best possible judgments and, as a company, we have a culture of questioning consensus and seeing beyond the obvious to gain a much deeper understanding of country and financial market risk.

This approach gives us a powerful conviction in identifying opportunities and predicting threats before they become apparent to the market, as evidenced in our long track record of outstanding calls here and Testimonials here



View our summary videos on fast trending topics. To listen to a recording of our Conference Calls, please get in touch with zdl@tslombard.com


Track Record

We have a 30 year track record of successful calls. Many of these calls combined economic, political and market analysis.



To request an interview with a member of our team, please get in touch zdl@tslombard.com .



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