Our investment strategists absorb our teams’ political and economic analysis. Then, using a market lens, they provide our clients with independent investment strategy research, including views on asset allocation strategic, tactical investment positioning and portfolio risk management.

Our deep expertise in macroeconomics and geopolitics enable our investment strategists to dynamically spot both strategic trends and themes and tactical opportunities. By combining our deep macro understanding with rigorous market analysis, we provide clients with high-conviction views on the best course of action to take in order to capitalise on opportunities and avoid risks.

Our Approach to Investment Strategy Research

Timing is key, and our focus is to determine the optimal moment to increase or reduce exposure to a specific asset class or make a tactical trade. We take pride in presenting our clients with resolute ideas based on their specific needs, giving them an opportunity to adjust to their portfolios with greater confidence. In many cases, we act as a ‘sounding board’ or a ‘second opinion’ to help you see how interdependencies and interconnections will have an impact on your investment strategy.

Using detailed economic and political risk analysis as the building blocks of our strategy, our team of expert strategists assess market positioning and technical signals and quantitative strategy research model to formulate asset and investment recommendations based on the most likely outcomes. And our agnostic approach to asset classes allows us to give you the best value recommendations - whether that's cross-asset, multi-asset or within asset classes.

TS Lombard is please to introduce our new investment research theme of Decarbonomics, covering the economics and policy of reducing global reliance on greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Services

Our Investment strategy research expertise underpins all of our three research services: Global Macro, China and Global Emerging Markets and Global Strategy.

Our Track Record

We take great pride in our 30 year track record of independent investment strategy research, and we believe that our past research and investment strategy calls speak for themselves.

Investment Strategy
14 May 2021

unlock-marketsInflation Nation

The inflation scare is in full swing and, just like rising yields back in February, it is helping skim some froth off equity markets – especially uber-expensive Technology stock.

Investment Strategy
30 Apr 2021

unlock-marketsCommodity bull moving into mid-cycle

It has been a little over a year since commodity prices bottomed out, marking the start of a powerful rally that is reminiscent of those in 1993-95, 2005-07 and 2009-10. With the global economic recovery set to gather pace and demand for real assets on the rise, the macro backdrop implies further upside.  

Investment Strategy
07 May 2021

unlock-marketsUnleashing US infrastructure

President Biden has hit the road running with his proposed $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan to reshape the economy. In his speech in Pittsburgh on 31 March, Biden said it is a “once in a generation” investment in America, highlighting the opportunity to rebuild 20,000 miles of roads, repair 10 key bridges and upgrade the electrical grid and basic infrastructure networks.

22 Apr 2021

Unlock marketsInvesting in a carbon free future

Decarbonization is picking up speed. We suggest a way to participate to the possible carbon allowance prices upside.





Our Investment Strategy Team

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, Head of Macro Investment Strategy Research

Andrea Cicione

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Head of Research
Oliver Brennan, Senior Macro Investment Strategist

Oliver Brennan

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EM Macro Strategist
Jon Harrison, Head of EM Investment Strategy Research

Jon Harrison

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Analyst, Asia Property
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Andrew Lawrence

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Macro Strategist
Martin Shenfield, Macro Investment Strategist

Martin Shenfield

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Our macroeconomic analysis provides that foundation for our global investment strategy research. Our macro expertise gives us a unique perspective that allows us to present courageous, fresh, long-term thinking with high conviction.


Politics and government policy are increasingly significant global investment strategy drivers, and our world-wide team of geopolitical analysts are able to provide critical, timely insights into political shocks and policy developments that will influence investment performance - both regionally and globally.