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Market Recap: Wednesday, June 2

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Rory Green on China’s shrinking working-age population

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Lombard's Deveshwar on India's Vaccination Programme, Economy

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What’s in the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan?

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China’s domestic consumption has not bounced back to pre-Covid levels: TS Lombard

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The Cost of Free Money

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'Bloomberg Markets: The Close' Full Show (02/22/2021)


TS Lombard's Blitz on Fed Policy Outlook

"Crackdown on Didi opens a new front in China's tech assertiveness: this is now a question of sovereignty"
Rory Green, Head of China and Asia Research, quote in Reuters
“Earnings are coming out really strong and that is giving equity investors some comfort”
Andrea Cicione, Head of Strategy, quote in Reuters
"Action on climate change is often criticized as moving too slowly. However, with governments increasing spending to aid their post-Covid economies, they may start catching up"
Charles Dumas, Chief Economist, quote in CNBC
“As presales fall, the developer is forced to borrow more, banks ask for more pledged assets and higher guarantees, suppliers ask for earlier payment and presales get worse as the developer cuts prices and end users don’t trust the company to complete the development”
Andrew Lawrence, Asia Property Analyst, quote in the Financial Times
“Essentially these will shift from east-west to north-south, i.e. ROI-NI, with ROI in this context meaning both Ireland in its own right and as a channel for shipment from all of the rest of the EU,”
Christopher Granville, Managing Director, EMEA and Global Political Research, quote in CNBC
“You can’t eat out twice in a night. Reopenings get people to spend money, but it all can’t be spent in one month.”
Steven Blitz, Chief US Economist , quote in Wall Street Journal
“We’re as worried as everyone else about the Delta variant. But, objectively, our investment case is unswayed by the current virus wave: the link between cases and hospitalisations in this wave is weak. Don’t let your heart rule your head.” 
Oliver Brennan, Head of Research, quote in the Financial Times
“They’re right that this is transitory. They’re going to get a respite. But it’s not going to be as big of one as they think.”
Steven Blitz, Chief US Economist , quote in Wall Street Journal
“Inflation is still clients’ most popular risk to discuss at global level, but considering the European area’s delayed reopening, subdued wage growth and limited fiscal stimulus, the evolution of the Delta variant is a more pressing issue”
Davide Oneglia, Senior Economist, quote in Reuters
“The taper sets the clock ticking for the first rate hike and real rates rise and big changes in Fed policy are rarely smooth-sailing”
Oliver Brennan, Head of Research, quote in Financial Times
“While this is not particularly new rhetoric, it is worth emphasizing the massive political and financial push behind efforts to secure or ‘de-Americanise’ China’s supply chains”
Rory Green, Head of China and Asia Research, quote in Barron's
"Investors have clearly accepted the fact that these inflation rates are being perceived as temporary. However, what they don't fully appreciate is that inflation is actually coming in 2022, the actual inflation not the rise in prices as the results of opening up of economy"
Andrea Cicione, Head of Strategy, quote in Reuters
“The semiconductor shortage is really the result of a Covid-19 induced demand surge combined with some fairly poor supply chain management”
Rory Green, Head of China and Asia Research, quote in Forbes
"Today, with China accelerating past the US in 5G deployment, the Chinese consumer internet could be viewed as a new investment “time machine”
Rory Green, China and North Asia Economist, SCMP
“These are things that change very slowly over time"
Dario Perkins, Managing Director, Global Macro, Wall Street Journal
"The legislation doesn’t so much fundamentally rewire the economy as bolster the temporary lifelines first offered in last spring’s CARES Act"
Steven Blitz, Chief U.S. Economist, Reuters
“The market is starting to appreciate that higher yields are not necessarily a bad thing for stocks, as long as they reflect higher growth and inflation expectations”
Andrea Cicione, Head of Strategy, Reuters
“Ma’s departure, with Cai and Wang’s academic background, implies PBOC’s research and policy focuses have shifted inwards"
Bo Zhuang, Chief China Economist, Bloomberg
“As a municipal government, you have to be very wary of expanding your capital plant and maintaining your capital plant, especially in a period of inflation”
Steven Blitz, Chief US Economist, quote in The Guardian
“This goes against common sense. The government must significantly adjust the numbers to make the demographic statistics consistent.”
Bo Zhuang, Chief China Economist, quote in Financial Times
"China is still central to global inflation dynamics, but this time around the country is importing inflation from the global economy and is now in the command seat to re-export that inflation abroad in rising prices of manufactured exports that are now in demand in developed markets"
Larry Brainard, Chairman, Emerging Markets Panel, quote in Reuters
“Xiong’an has had trouble taking off because the invisible hand of the market has a bigger impact than government intervention.”
Bo Zhuang, Chief China Economist, quote in Financial Times
“We have been scaling back our GDP forecast. It now stands at 9% versus 10.5% in March."
Shumita Deveshwar, Senior Director, India Research, quote in Forbes