Fundamental analysis and strategy inputs for investors 

Our services allow us to be flexible in how we contribute to clients' investment processes. Half of the world's top 100 asset managers use our research​

  • Our Global Economics and Markets services are subscribed by global investors across the different asset classes and can be tailored to specific needs
  • Our Emerging Markets and Regional Watch services are subscribed for specialist input to investment decision-making and inform our global view
  • Our Thematic Research conducted in partnership with independent analysts has been initiated with our coverage of Asian property stocks
  • Clients subscribe to the publications most relevant to their investment style and budget

The matrix below describes our published research listed by the most appropriate classification. Our Watch services combine our distinctive economic, political, policy and market views in one weekly publication. Interaction forms a crucial input for our clients and we are keen to meet or speak as often as you need.

Global Economics

28 plus years of track-record of calling economic turning points

Daily Notes

Insightful macroeconomic analysis driven by ideas and provided in a concise 2-page format. (Daily)

Macro Picture

Focusing on global macro themes at the heart of current market moves in 8-10 pages. (Fortnightly on Thursdays)

LSR View

In-depth big picture analysis of global macro economic issues driving growth and asset prices. (12 per year)

Global Financial Trends

Analysis and forecast of global financing conditions and the credit cycle with early warning of vulnerabilities in the financial system and potential triggers. (Monthly)

Global Leading Indicators

Proprietary leading indicators predicting turning points in the growth cycle 6 months ahead. (Monthly)

Global Political Drivers

Detailed analysis of geo-political themes that drive global risk appetite among investors.  (Fortnightly on Thursdays)

China Economics

Deep dive notes on a changing aspect of the domestic economy and its implications for GDP. (2 to 4 notes per month)

China In Charts

Chart pack of the most critically important economic and financial data points for investors.  (Every two months)

China & Emerging Markets

In depth political economy and policy country coverage

China Economics

Deep dive notes on a changing aspect of the domestic economy and its implications for GDP. (2 to 4 notes per month)

China Politics

Expert notes on how political imperatives will impact both CCP policy and its implementation. (2 to 4 notes per month)

Brazil Notes

In depth on-the-ground analysis of the political economy and policy forces that will affect growth and markets. (Weekly on Thursday)

India Notes

On-the-ground coverage of the political economy and policy developments that drive growth and reform. (2 to 4 notes per month)

Russia Notes

Market relevant analysis of the domestic political economy and geopolitical developments.  (2 notes per month)

EMEA Notes

Focus on how politics affects fiscal policy and debt fundamentals in the largest EMEA markets. (2 notes per month)

LatAm Notes

Regional coverage supported by local sources with emphasis on Mexico. (1 note per month)


The market facing conclusions arising from our fundamental views

Asset Allocation

Absolute calls and relative positions in a model portfolio with 3-6 month investment horizon. (Monthly)

Macro Strategy

Global tactical trade ideas to play key macro themes with a 6–9 week investment horizon. (Weekly on Wednesday)


Highlights important market drivers and data that affect our key investment conclusions. (Monthly)

Strategy Alerts

New trade notifications, closing trades & quick market alerts on fast moving changes.

Strategy Flash

Relative asset allocation views across asset classes and high-conviction total return views. (First week of each month)

EM Strategy Monthly

Relative asset allocation views across asset classes and high-conviction total return views. (First week of each month)

Thematic Research

Cutting edge sector research from our Research Partners (initially New Energy & Asian Property)

Regional Watches

Analysis of economics, politics and markets in key countries and regions

US Watch

Updates of our central scenario economic, political and market forecasts in 8-10 pages. (Weekly on Sunday)

China Watch

Analysis of key economic and policy drivers and what they mean for China related markets. (Weekly on Thursday)

Europe Watch

Updates of our key European economic, political and policy and market views. (Weekly on Friday)

EM Watch

Analysis of EM sentiment drivers and fundamental or policy country developments on 10 emerging countries. (Weekly on Monday)


Fundamental guide to emerging market growth drivers covering 10 major EM economies. (Monthly)

UK Outlook

Comprehensive analysis and 2 year forecast for all major UK economic variables and sectors. (Quarterly)

Service Levels

Service is integrated as best fits client process and budgets

Direct Access

Direct access to our team by email or telephone to discuss specific questions relating to our data, forecasts and macro developments.

On-Site Meetings

If you value personal contact or are simply overloaded with written research, our team are available to come to your office to present and discuss our views, diving deep into the themes that matter to you.

Hosted Conference Calls

Monthly conference calls hosted by a senior TS Lombard economist/strategist to outline views/recommendations on a topical subject.


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