Our Independent Research Services

See why the majority of the world’s top 100 asset managers use our research. We deliver our thematic global view and our deep country and market expertise through three distinct research services that can be tailored to suit your needs: Global Macro, China and Global Emerging Markets and Global Strategy.

Global Macro

Our Global Macro Research Service combines our broad global macro thematic analysis—horizon scanning to identify and explore emerging themes and their impact on countries and markets—with our deep economic and political insights into the major world economies and markets: the U.S., Europe and Asia (focus on China). Political insights are key to our research process, and our global political drivers underpin our Global Macro Research Service.

China & Global EM

Our China and Global Emerging Markets Research Service provides the granular, local detail that EM-focussed investors need, with particular emphasis on China. Our in-country specialists provide regular detailed, on-the-ground analysis of the most important emerging markets as well as feeding back into our broad EM research process to produce EM thematic, market strategy and asset and country allocation recommendations.

Global Strategy

Our Global Strategy Research Service uses a markets lens to explore how our teams’ political and economic insights will impact markets globally. Our strategy research provides our clients with implications for asset allocation, investment positioning and portfolio risk management. Given their importance to our strategy research, this service also includes our proprietary economic indicators and flow of funds analysis.


Our Services in Detail


Global Macro

China & Global Emerging Markets

Global Strategy

Weekly Report  Published Wednesday . Written by members of our senior team focusing on global macrotrends and their implications for markets

Macro Thematic Research brings you in depth thematic analysis from our thought leaders, including Freya Beamish and Dario Perkins.


Detailed Country Research explores economics and politics in key markets, bringing you deep insights from our experts on the ground and in London.


Financial and Business Cycle Research includes detailed quantitative analysis of financial and credit cycles and potential early warning triggers.


Political Research provides thorough examination of geopolitical themes as well as broad analysis of each domestic political economy under coverage.


Macro Trade Ideas deliver global tactical trade ideas to play key macro themes.


Asset Allocation provides absolute calls and relative positioning in model portfolios with a 3-6 month investment horizon, updated each month.


Chartbooks bring together key insights from across our research in one place.