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TS Lombard

TS Lombard is a globally renowned independent research provider with a formidable 30 year track record in providing actionable investment ideas driven by unique understanding of economics, politics and markets. Our economic and political analysis drives our asset allocation recommendations which are both strategic and tactical. We also provide thematic equity calls through TS Lombard Research Partners. TS Lombard was formed through the merger of Lombard Street Research and Trusted Sources in August 2016. The merger has brought together two of the leading, and longest established, IRPs to create a unique offering combining best-in-breed macroeconomic forecasting and political and policy analysis. The group has a team of 25 analysts and strategists across offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Sao Paulo and New Delhi.


Through our analysis of the forces that drive economics at the global, regional and country level, we have a joined-up picture of the world economy and a deeper understanding of the countries that investors care about. This gives us a unique perspective that allows us to present courageous, fresh, long-term thinking and forecasting with high conviction.


With political drivers and government policy playing an increasingly significant role in determining economic and market outcomes, our world-wide team of political analysts are able to provide critical, timely insights into political shocks and policy developments that will influence investment performance – both regionally and globally.


Using the wealth of macro economic, policy, and global political insight at our disposal, our team of strategists are able to provide actionable, unbiased advice on asset allocation, investment positioning and portfolio risk management.


Sample Research

11 Jun 2019 - Martin Shenfield

Daily Note: Where we stand - Our highest conviction views

  • Trade war Trumps all
  • Growth slowdown to intensify in Q2 and Q3
  • Fed now pushed into two rate cuts in 2019, RMB to break 7 vs USD
  • Despite the constant noise US and EM stocks are still too richly priced


10 Jun 2019 - Charles Dumas

Daily Note: China's past its low point

  • Trade growth returns as inventories re-stock
  • Asia trading bloc is forming
  • China processing trade under severe pressure

09 Jun 2019 - Steve Blitz

US Watch: Powell's patience being pushed

Economics: Fed’s summer vacation is cut short

  • Employment data reflect weakening activity
  • Trump’s tariff war with China lowers inflation expectations
  • Fed to cut rates in June?

Markets: Powell polishes his put

  • After Powell’s remarks, rate markets now discount multiple Fed cuts
  • Equities have rallied, perhaps a sign of investors’ trust in the Powell put
  • But the reaction in the two markets is not entirely consistent

Politics: Bullying Mexico

  • Trump advances on key political goals as he steps back from the brink
  • Senate Republican rift sets outside limits to presidential overreach
  • Looking ahead, watch legal challenges to “Remain in Mexico”


03 Jun 2019 - Christopher Granville

The View: Trade war raises recession risk

  • We stick to our view that trade-war threats will be contained, BUT
  • While the June G20 meeting may steady nerves, major risks remain
  • This View is a glimpse over the brink
  • ‘Who’s No.1?’: now the key driver – trumping Trump’s agenda & tactics
  • US v. China rivalry will fester into the 2020s even in the benign scenario
  • A globalised world could shift to regional blocs, hurting equity values
  • The short-term danger of the trade-war negotiations derailing is high
  • Failure to extend the Huawei truce in August could ruin scope for a deal
  • If so, the world economy could tip rapidly into recession



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Track Record

We have a 30 year track record of successful calls. Many of these calls combined economic, political and market analysis.



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