Our research team scours the global economy for new macro themes and then explains how they impact individual countries and global markets. At TS Lombard, it’s in our nature to question things and look for those places where risk and opportunity are mispriced. Once we identify a macro theme, it is explored as a Key Theme and created on our Research Hub. Key Themes are accessible only to clients or those participating in an official trial evaluation of our research.

We join the dots and provide coverage relevant to the themes across our services: Global Macro, Global Strategy and China & Global Emerging Markets. A recent example of our thematic research is our Global Fractures series. In it we cover the fracturing of the global economy into regional trading blocs and what that means for the global economy and financial markets. Other ongoing themes include Decarbonomics, the post-Covid inflation risk, and how ESG is driving portfolio flows.

Our macro thematic research explores long term trends that are already changing the global economy and just beginning to be priced into financial markets. We find interlinkages across asset classes and geographies resulting in clear thematic strategies. We identify these strategies and give investment recommendations to help our clients stay ahead of the market.

Macro thematic research is one pillar of our research approach, it allows our analysts to be free thinking and exercise their curiosity about new themes. The following analysts contribute to our thematic work:

Our Macro Investment Themes

  • Use our thematic research to identify investment risks and govern investment decisions

  • Macro research themes can range from short to long term investment horizons

  • Or encompass topics ranging from longer term economic growth and GDP growth to Real Estate, bond yield cycles, the labour market or central bank policy

Recent Macro Thematic Research Examples

Within the Global Fractures wider theme we have identified the Superpower Semiconductor Trade War that is developing between the US and China and what it means for markets. Download the following example of our macro thematic research:

Macro Thematic Research
14 Sep 2021

UnlockThe post-Covid economy

Post-Covid world economy will be structurally different; asset markets are approaching their first test as monetary policy turns the corner.

Macro Thematic Research
23 Jul 2021

UnlockSavings glut 2.0

The Covid crisis has highlighted the need for budget deficits, but the average DM budget deficithas been 4% of GDP for the past 30 years.


Politics and government policy are increasingly significant macro strategy drivers, and our world-wide team of geopolitical analysts are able to provide critical, timely insights into political shocks and policy developments that will influence macroeconomic investment performance - both regionally and globally.


Using the wealth of macroeconomic and geopolitical insights at our disposal, our team of macro strategists are able to provide actionable, unbiased implications for global markets, including asset allocation, investment positioning and cross asset portfolio risk management.