Over the years many clients and respected journalists have contributed testimonials concerning our work. Due to corporate policy some of the testimonials are anonymous. For access to our research please complete the Contact Us form.


“Your research always give me a different perspective on the market”

Tomoaki Shintani
Fukoku Life International (U.K.) Ltd.


“We consider Mr Blitz to be one of the best Fed callers in the marketplace.”

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income – Rates & Emerging Markets
KBC Asset Management NV


"Steve Blitz consistently provides informed and insightful observations to our readers at TheStreet on the economy and the Federal Reserve, and he is especially good at dissecting the relationship between politics and policy on financial matters like tax and trade."

Brad Keoun, The Street
Austin, Texas


"I find all the research intellectually nutritious."

Neal Kimberley, South China Morning Post
Hong Kong


"Great note this morning. Really made me rethink Fed’s approach to both fed funds and the balance sheet unwind."

Tim Quinlan, Senior Economist, Wells Fargo Securities
Charlotte, NC, USA



"TS Lombard is consistently thoughtful, provocative and ahead of the game".

John Plender, Senior Editorial Writer & Columnist, The Financial Times
London, UK


"Of all the research I read, Lombard Street has in my view been the most accurate, timely and forward-looking when it comes to developments in China"

Michael Cembalest, Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy, JP Morgan Asset Management
New York, US


"In a fast food world of real time information, 24 hour news, and Tweets, LSR is the slow-cooked meal which keeps our thinking fit and healthy".

Henry Maxey, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ruffer
London, UK


"LSR's team never tells us what we want to hear, they tell us what they believe is true and defend it with robust analysis and a wealth of experience. Over the last few years we have benefited from some exceptional calls. If LSR do as well over the next 25 years as they have over the last then they will have very many happy clients".

Gary Reynolds, Chief Investment Officer, Courtiers Asset Management
London, UK


"Lombard Street provides us with the insights and analysis that go deeper than the superficial commentary on economic data that is the norm in the market place. This is the edge we are looking for".

Matthew Hunt, Investment Manager & Branch Principal, Prospect Wealth
London, UK


"I have attended/endured many economics briefings over the years. I thought that the session yesterday was one of the very best".

Harry Morgan, Director of Investment Managment, Tilney Investment Management
Edinburgh, US


"Lombard Street Research has had a differentiated view on China and Japan for several years and their insights are worth incorporating into your global macro thinking".

David Aaron, Chief Investment Officer, Executive Monetary Management
New York, US


"TS Lombard has produced some of the most sophisticated work that I have come across on monetary policy in the EM space lately".

Abishek Gon, Economist, Amundi
London, UK


"Charles Dumas of Lombard Street Research . . . one of the few truly original thinkers about the economy and markets".

Randall W Forsyth, Barron’s
New York, US


"It is refreshing seeing people mince no words and have great intellect. Looking forward to more iconoclastic pieces from you and your team!"

Maximilian Sfetcu, Merrill Lynch
New York, US


"In my 10 years of reading and following China, Bo Zhuang is the best and most insightful analyst I have ever met/read/followed. His non-standard approach is spot on".

Director, Fixed Income, Asset Management firm running $276bn
London, UK


"Lombard Street Research predicted all the major turning points of the economic cycle over the past decade. Miles ahead of the competition in lucidity and clarity of insight".

Anthony Hilton, City Editor, Evening Standard
London, UK


"I always like hearing Charles speak. More often than not, he is the calm voice of empirical reason in a world dominated by flashy news headlines".

Ashwin Bulchandani, Chief Risk Office, Matlin Patterson
New York, US


"Lombard Street Research has been bearish on the global economy in recent times. The trouble with Lombard Street Research is that they are usually right".

Patrick Groenendijk, Chief Investment Officer, Pensioenfonds Vervoer
Chicago. US


"Charles Dumas of Lombard Street Research is widely acknowledged as Britain's most accurate and respected economics forecaster".

The Mail On Sunday
London, UK


"Lombard Street Research and Trusted Sources - both are always interesting, always thoughtful, always worth reading".

Hamish McCrae, The Independent
London, UK


"For me the outstanding feature is linking Macro to the Markets - which is where we all ultimately have to make the decisions".

Eugene Kiernan, Head of Investment Strategy, Appian Asset Management
Dublin, Ireland


"Charles Dumas has been more right than just about anyone".

Senior Portfolio Strategist, Macro Hedge Fund
Boston, US


"Lombard gives me a much needed perspective on underlying trends and points out different routes into the future worldwide so much so that having subscribed to it for thirty odd years during my full time career I have kept it on in my retirement. I particularly value messrs Dumas and Skene’s insights".

Nigel McNair-Scott, Former Non-Executive Chairman, Helical Bar
London, UK


"TS Lombard's research is invariably clear, insightful and timely".

James Grant, Founder, Grant's Interest Rate Observer
London, UK


"TS Lombard has an excellent team".

Chris Buckley, Beijing Correspondent, The New York Times
Hong Kong


"We think you do a terrific job".

Director of Fixed Income, $7bn Wealth Management Group
San Francisco, US


"Lombard Street Research provides non-consensus analysis with a different spin that makes us take a look at our investment thesis from different angles. Their researchers have a deep understanding of fundamental economics and their inferences are always very thought-provoking".

Alain Hung, Associate Director, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Wsconsin, US


"I have appreciated Lombard Street Research's sharp and incisive commentary on economic developments for some years".

Paul Skinner, Chairman, Rio Tinto plc
London, UK


"I studied economics at Cambridge, and then at Harvard, but I learned more in my first month working for Brian Reading than I did in all that time".

Anatole Kaletsky, Founding Partner & Chief Economist, GaveKal Draganomics
London & Hong Kong


"One of the City's most interesting teams of analysts is fielded by Lombard Street Research. It has a high hit rate in forecasting and originality".

The Times
London, UK


"Amid all the noise from the markets, Lombard Street Research stands out by providing investors with forward-looking insight not backward-looking information. No one connects the global dots better than Lombard".

Joseph Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
New York, US


"Lombard Street Research is an outstanding provider of independent, incisive, intelligent and relevant research. I thoroughly recommend their service".

Richard Staveley, Fund Manager & Analyst, Majedie Asset Management
London, UK


"We are pleased to announce that we have employed the services of Lombard Street Research to provide Credo with global economic views and asset allocation expertise. With an impeccable track record, LSR are rated as one of the foremost independent research houses in the UK... They employ some of the best economic brains in the industry and we are privileged to have them as our service provider".

Credo Capital
London, UK


"Lombard Street Research is an outstanding provider of independent, incisive, intelligent and relevant research. I thoroughly recommend their service".

Richard Staveley, Fund Manager & Analyst, Majedie Asset Management
London, UK


"Helpful, concise, to the point and effective in making an investment case for us".

Luca Bindelli, Deputy Head – Investment Strategy, Credit Suisse
London, UK


"As an investment manager the reasons for reading Lombard Street Research are: 1) their impartiality, 2) their reports are timely and readable on a day to day basis, 3) their courage to make aggressive forecasts based on technical competence and a healthy measure of canniness and common sense, 4) their success which is a function of experience, quality of personnel and an open and questioning environment".

Peter Holland, Senior Investment Consultant, Fidelity Investments
London, UK


"Sometimes very controversial, often bold in their predictions and always worth listening to, I find them stimulating and more useful than most of the sell-side product".

Robert Talbut, Chief Investment Officer, Royal London Asset Management
London, UK


"When we get big macro calls right, I sometimes wonder if clients take note. Charles Dumas nailed the issue of the US output gap and the rally on the 30yr. Great work!"

Paul Podolsky, Chief FX Strategist, Fleet Boston Financial,
Boston, US


"We are very happy customers. We love your work".

Mark Sheppard, Midas Investment Management
London, UK


"Hugely well-written and useful research"

Michael Hunter, The Financial Times
London, UK


"Your commentary has been invaluable to us, consistently intelligent and informative advice".

Michael Jameson-Till, Investec Bank
London, UK


"Lombard Street Research were the only major forecaster to predict correctly rapid UK house price inflation of almost 10% in 2006".

Ed Conway, The Daily Telegraph
London, UK


"Lombard Street Research consistently makes good calls on the market".

Steve Bell, Deutsche Bank
London, UK


"Brian Reading has more ideas in a month than most people do in a lifetime".

John Plender, Senior Editorial Writer & Columnist, The Financial Times,
London, UK


"Management Today has identified the 10 best and worst forecasters for the UK economy ... Top of the pile comes Lombard Street Research".

Management Today
London, UK


"Brian Reading, of Lombard Street Research is in my personal opinion the world's pre-eminent global macroeconomist".

Charlie McVean, McVean Trading & Investments
Memphis, US


"Lombard Street Research take a unique approach. Their research is excellent and insightful".

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London
London, UK


"Brian Reading is almost always completely "out of left field" and causes me to re-think several assumptions".

Phil Torres, Ritchie Capital Management
Chicago, US


"I have appreciated Lombard Street Research's sharp and incisive commentary on economic developments for some years".

Paul Skinner, Chairman, Rio Tinto plc
London, UK


"Every day I start my work reading Lombard Street Research. It's the "first" and "must be" reading. Doesn't matter if I agree with you or I don't".

Frantisek Hajnovic, National Bank of Slovakia



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Track Record

We have a 30 year track record of successful calls. Many of these calls combined economic, political and market analysis.


US Fed meet opens as markets eye shift in interest rate course

The US Federal Reserve opens its two-day policy meeting on Jun 18 to decide the course of interest rates. The meeting opens amid widespread speculation the central bank is closer to changing course as the global economy slows and trade tensions drag on.



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