Our Global Emerging Markets Services provide the granular, local detail that EM-focused investors need, with a particular focus on China. Our in-country specialists provide weekly detailed, on-the-ground analysis on the most important emerging markets as well as feeding analysis back into our broad EM research process to produce EM thematic, market strategy and asset and country allocation recommendations.

We provide a crucial and important service to our clients who invest in emerging markets. Each month we produce a strategic review looking at our asset allocation across emerging markets. We identify risks and opportunities within emerging markets, allowing our clients to understand the benefits and risks of investing in a variety of different countries and asset classes.

Not all Emerging Markets are alike, with different stages of development, each present different investment risks and opportunities at different times. Our EM expertise allows us to take advantage of this.


How we publish our Emerging Markets Research

We express our Emerging Markets analysis via the following publications:

EM Strategy Monthly - Relative asset allocation views across asset classes and high-conviction total return views. (Monthly)

EM Watch - Analysis of global EM sentiment drivers and fundamental or policy country developments. (Weekly)

The GRID - Fundamental guide to emerging market growth drivers covering 10 major EM economies. (Monthly)

Brazil - In depth on-the-ground analysis of the political forces that will affect growth and markets.

China Watch - Analysis of key economic and policy drivers and what they mean for China related markets.

EMEA - Focus on how politics affects fiscal policy and debt fundamentals in the largest EMEA markets.

India - On-the-ground coverage of political and policy developments that drive growth and reform.

LatAm - Regional coverage supported by local sources with emphasis on Mexico.

Russia - Market relevant analysis of domestic and geopolitical developments and important nuances.

SE Asia - Regional coverage supported by local sources with emphasis on Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia.



Our Services

Our geopolitical research expertise enriches and complements our three investment research services: Global Macro, China and Global Emerging Markets and Global Strategy.

Our Track Record

We take great pride in our 30 year track record of geopolitical and geostrategic research and we believe  that our past geopolitical strategy and investment calls speak for themselves.

Geopolitical Research
16 Dec 2021

Unlock PoliticsOn the road: Sergio Moro's bid for the presidency

The former Justice Minister is serious about his bid for the Presidency. Since returning to Brazil last month to re-enter politics, Sergio Moro has proved to his opponents that his candidacy is for real.

Geopolitical Research
06 Dec 2021

unlock-politicsThe Fundamental Guide to Emerging Markets

The GRID offers a distillation of our country teams’ fundamental political-economy insights into the emerging markets we cover; China, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippians, Thailand, South Africa and Turkey. 

Geopolitical Research
06 Dec 2021

unlock-politicsJaw beating war via Putin-Biden talks

The recent online summit between Presidents Biden and Putin reduces the risks associated with the present flare-up of the geopolitical confrontation surrounding Ukraine. The first of two reasons for coming to this conclusion is conventional: if the principals are talking, the risk of accident or miscalculation should be reduced.

24 Nov 2021

unlock-politicsFor global trade, disruption is the new normal

The decarbonization of heavy industry is approaching a tipping point that also entails a paradigm shift for global trade – a sea change from seven-and-a-half decades of multilateral trade policy and one that will raise DM-EM tensions




We combine geopolitical insights with macroeconomic analysis to provide a joined-up picture of the global economy and a deeper understanding of the countries that investors care about. This gives us a unique perspective that allows us to present courageous, fresh, long-term thinking with high conviction.


Using the wealth of geopolitical and macroeconomic insight at our disposal, our team of geopolitical investment strategists are able to provide actionable, unbiased implications for global markets, including asset allocation, investment positioning and cross asset portfolio risk management.