2018: Russian financial deepening a shock-absorber

Consensus said:

Russian geopolitical risk premium to hamper asset prices. 

We said:

Financial deepening is an important long-term driver of improved risk adjusted investment returns in EM. In Russia the short-term benefits are becoming clear. 

Monetary policy underpins the recent advances and brightening prospects of financial deepening in Russia, but fiscal policy is also contributing to the strengthening local bid that speeds recovery from periodic market turbulence. The aftermath of the latest sanctions scare this month will show this live benefit of financial deepening in action once again. An imminent and decisive breakthrough is the launch of a new pension investment system - reducing fixed income risk premium and particularly benefitting the equity market. 

Financial deepening is also creating opportunities in the here and now. Our first 'Exhibit' in this note highlighted the importance of the structurally stronger local bid for the OZF recovery from last April's sanctions shock. At the time of writing, only a week has passed since the latest bout of sanctions-related Russian market turmoil. Signs of stabilization are already apparent, and, once again, a prompt recovery is to be expected. These live episodes show financial deepening in action. 


Russian stocks rose from 2,261 on publication date to peak at 2,493 on 3 October 2018. Russian assets did not suffer as much as other EMs during risk-off episodes in autumn 2018. We attribute some of the relative resilience to financial deepening. 


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