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China’s past its low point

China’s past its low point

10 Jun 2019 - Charles Dumas

Charles Dumas and Rory Green assess the decline in trade volumes. They support a long-running theme, specifically that trade war is shifting supply chains and accelerating the world splitting into trade blocs.

#ASEAN #Charles Dumas #China #Rory green #Tariffs #Trade #Trade War

China GDP – Stimulus red lines and domestic weakness

China GDP – Stimulus red lines and domestic weakness

17 Apr 2019 - Rory Green

Chinese Q1 GDP was the weakest in decades on the offical reading. The TS Lombard recalculation shows it to be even weaker at 5.2% yoy. Rory Green writes:

#China #Exports #GDP #Import #Rory Green #Trade War

Rocket Man risk to resurface

Rocket Man risk to resurface

14 Nov 2018 - Rory Green
  • The Singapore summit agreement is unravelling
  • For China, the trade war and North Korea are linked
  • Rifts in the South Korea-US alliance are emerging
#China #North Korea #Rory Green #South Korea #Trade War



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