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Fed has created the conditions for the next US recession

Fed has created the conditions for the next US recession

22 Oct 2019 - Steven Blitz

Steven Blitz, our Chief US Economist, examines the triggers for the next US recession. The largest risk is household exposure to equity markets. Anyway looking at debt as a trigger is looking in the wrong place.

#Balance Sheets #Debt #Equity Markets #Fed #Interest rates #Liquidity #Recession #Repo market #Steven Blitz

Equities vs Bonds

Equities vs Bonds

20 Jun 2019 - Dario Perkins

Dario Perkins digs deep into the reasons why bond markets are better indicators of forthcoming recessions than equities. 

#Bond Markets #Dario Perkins #Equities #Interest rates #Recession #Stocks #US Inversion #Yield curve

Fed moves halfway to an ease

Fed moves halfway to an ease

21 Mar 2019 - Steven Blitz

As we forecast the Fed announced the end of its QT programme at their meeting on 20 March.

#Fed #FOMC #interest rates #QT #Recession #Steven Blitz #US Treasury #Yield curve

Recession watch

Recession watch

28 Jan 2019 - Dario Perkins

Many investors are concerned that the US is about to enter into a recession. We disagree and expect Fed action to prevent a recession and support stronger growth from H2.

#Dario Perkins #Fed #Recession watch #US

The 20/20 recession

The 20/20 recession

10 Oct 2018 - Dario Perkins
  • Most of the sellside is talking about a global recession in 2020
  • Usually they blame the Fed, which apparently can’t see the ‘obvious’
  • Trade wars are a threat but the long expansion could continue
#Fed #Inflation #Recession #Trade War #US

Why the US yield curve is special

Why the US yield curve is special

20 Aug 2018 - Dario Perkins

The continued flattening in the US yield curve remains a source of background anxiety for investors. If the curve continues to flatten – we are warned – it must eventually invert. And if it inverts soon, there will be a recession in 2019.

#Dario Perkins #Recession #US #Yield Curve



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