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The Folly Of Inflation Targets

The Folly Of Inflation Targets

31 Oct 2019 - Charles Dumas

As part of our Global Fractures series, Charles Dumas, our Chief Economist, and Steven Blitz, our Chief US Economist, explain why monetary policy has failed to generate the desired levels of inflation. Inflation targets have become perverse and unachievable. This leaves fiscal policy as the only potent tool in the next slowdown.

#bond yields #Central Banks #Charles Dumas #Euro crisis #Fiscal policy #Global Fractures #Inflation #Interest rates #Monetary Policy #Populism #Steven Blitz #Trade War #wages

How big is the Draghi bazooka?

How big is the Draghi bazooka?

25 Jun 2019 - Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh provides analysis of Mario Draghi’s speech at Sintra on 18t June.

#Draghi #ECB #Eurozone #Inflation #Monetary Policy #QE #Shweta Singh

The 20/20 recession

The 20/20 recession

10 Oct 2018 - Dario Perkins
  • Most of the sellside is talking about a global recession in 2020
  • Usually they blame the Fed, which apparently can’t see the ‘obvious’
  • Trade wars are a threat but the long expansion could continue
#Fed #Inflation #Recession #Trade War #US

What now for industrial metals?

What now for industrial metals?

21 Aug 2018 - Konstantinos Venetis

2018 has been a rollercoaster year for commodities. Resilience during the early part of the year gave way to intensifying downside pressure over the summer. Gold, industrial metals and (to a lesser extent) oil have all suffered.

At the start of th...

#Commodities #Energy #Gold #Industrial metals #Inflation #Konstantinos Venetis

FOMC’s return to realism

FOMC’s return to realism

25 Jun 2018 - Martin Shenfield

My colleague Steve Blitz sets out why the market is still too complacent with respect to the path of further Fed rate hikes even if our more optimistic view of accelerating capex  leading to an extended cycle eventuates.

The attempt to charac...

#Bond Yields #Fed #FOMC #Inflation #Interest Rates #Rate Hikes #Unemployment #US

The Dull 2018 Consensus

The Dull 2018 Consensus

12 Feb 2018 - Martin Shenfield

Equity markets are arguably getting a little frothy short term & some sort of consolidation would be healthy, but we re-iterate that we are not yet in a full scale bubble; although ultimately before the music stops we expect to have fully experienced on...

#Bubble #Central Banks #Dario Perkins #Equity Markets #Inflation #Yield curve



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