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Central Bank Dethroning

Central Bank Dethroning

01 Jul 2019 - Christopher Granville

In Global Political Drivers published on 1st July, Christopher Granville offers a thought-leadership piece on the end of the era of DM central bank independence. He writes:

#BoE #Central Banks #Christopher Granville #ECB #Fed #Trade

How big is the Draghi bazooka?

How big is the Draghi bazooka?

25 Jun 2019 - Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh provides analysis of Mario Draghi’s speech at Sintra on 18t June.

#Draghi #ECB #Eurozone #Inflation #Monetary Policy #QE #Shweta Singh

Foreigners to Intensify Bond Selloff

Foreigners to Intensify Bond Selloff

15 Nov 2018 - Shweta Singh
  • Foreigners' appetite for US Treasuries is diminishing
  • Declining EM FX reserves take away a key source of demand
  • Hedged US yield pick-up for DM investors no longer attractive
#Bond Yields #ECB #Fed #FX #QE #Shweta Singh #Yield curve

The Dollar Funding Squeeze Less Than Meets The Eye

The Dollar Funding Squeeze Less Than Meets The Eye

27 Mar 2018 - Martin Shenfield

My colleague Oliver Brennan digs deeper into recent moves across key money market spreads & concludes that the overall recent widening is not a precursor to a major macro and/or market crunch.

Sudden sharp changes in these spreads have histori...

#Banking #BoJ #ECB #Fed #Financial Markets #FOMC #Interest Rates #LIBOR #Oliver Brennan #Quantitative tightening #Yield curve



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