Could Saudi Arabia and Iran really go to war?

Marcus Chevenix, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) analyst at TS Lombard, told CNBC that Saudi Arabia's foreign policies, under the aegis of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are hard to understand. "Domestically his (Mohammed bin Salman's) actions are radical but comprehensible, but on a foreign stage they're very hard to make sense of at all," Chevenix said. "His intervention in Yemen was rash yet we could at least see what he was trying to do. His intervention in Qatar was, yet again, maybe a little reckless maybe a little quick but it was certainly effective against Qatar. But in Lebanon it's really hard to see what this does for him at all." The analyst believes that it might have been a "reactive move" aimed at bringing down the coalition government of Lebanon to somehow destabilize the position of Hezbollah. He perceived it as a pushback against Iran by whatever means available, but suggested that war was not currently a possibility. "It's hard to see where Saudi Arabia could get to a position where its actions were intolerable to the Iranians. Iranian actions are already intolerable to Saudi Arabia, we know that, but the Saudi Arabians struggle to really find a way to aggravate Iran, that's why we're not looking at a hot war situation right now," he told CNBC.

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U.S. Stocks Mixed, Weighed Down by Energy Shares

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How the ‘Warren Buffett of Arabia’ Built His Fortune

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Financial reforms in China unlikely

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China is tackling its debt problem

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China's stock exchanges under the spell of politics

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EM debt: Experts clash over debt dynamics

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China's debt engine runs at slow pace

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The State of the Global Economy

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No fireworks from Draghi in the immediate future

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Wall St weighs in on US jobs, wages

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The ‘Silk Road’ Verdict

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Strong Eurozone Growth Shows Payoff of ECB Stimulus

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Bank of Japan staying the lonely course

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Putin could 'crack' NATO under Trump

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Authers’ Note: another clash

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Tough change of course

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ECB Doesn’t have Credibility But Buying Power

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ECB Drops Reference to Future Interest-Rate Cut

02 Jun 2017 - Pulse News

OPEC back to square one



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