Stock Markets Are Calm, Even Though Coronavirus Keeps Spreading. Chinese Stimulus Is One Big Reason.

“We believe the leadership will understand the political imperative to act decisively to control the economic fallout of the current crisis,” writes Lawrence Brainard, TS Lombard’s chief economist. “The leadership’s need to ensure that expansion stabilizes around the official target of 6% is all the greater because of other challenges it faces: notably, the unrest in Hong Kong and the Democratic Progressive Party victory in the Taiwan elections as well as the future of relations with the U.S. after last month’s ‘phase one’ deal.”

29 Jul 2020 - Bloomberg Podcast

Fed Leaves Rates Near Zero (Podcast)

27 Jul 2020 - Financial Times Alphaville

Markets Now - Monday 27th July 2020

02 Jul 2020 - Financial Times

A jobs report with more questions than answers

29 Jun 2020 - Financial Times

Blue-sky hopes tested by Covid clouds

26 Jun 2020 - Financial Times

India pushes up cost of fuel to boost revenues

26 Jun 2020 - Financial Times

Looking several steps ahead for asset prices

15 Jun 2020 - Pensions & Investments

Brexit back on list of issues managers worry about

05 Jun 2020 - Bloomberg Radio

Steve Blitz on May Jobs Report (Radio)

04 Jun 2020 - Financial Times

The ECB buys time for a more important task

01 Jun 2020 - Financial Times

Enthused bulls and arrested bears

30 May 2020 - The Telegraph

Hong Kong faces blizzard of red tape

22 May 2020 - Financial Times

Fears of Japanification spreading are misplaced

18 May 2020 - Financial Times

Jumping into the next cycle

05 May 2020 - Reuters

Morning News Call - India, May 5

30 Apr 2020 - Wall Street Journal

Federal Reserve Expands Business-Lending Program

28 Apr 2020 - Financial Times

Markets point to deflation risks for US economy

23 Apr 2020 - Financial Times

China struggles with sharp rise in unemployment

23 Apr 2020 - Angence France-Presse

Crisis-hit oil market in frantic hunt for storage

22 Apr 2020 - Financial Times

Negotiating demand shocks

21 Apr 2020 - Financial Times Alphaville

Markets Now - Tuesday 21st April 2020

21 Apr 2020 - Financial Times

Storing up trouble beyond energy

14 Apr 2020 - Finanz und Wirtschaft

Aktienbewertung ist jetzt ein Wagnis

13 Apr 2020 - Marketplace

The race for antibodies

09 Apr 2020 - The Moscow Times

Coronavirus Hits Russian Markets | April 9

07 Apr 2020 - Finanz und Wirtschaft

Bodenbildung oder Bullenfalle?

03 Apr 2020 - Financial Times

The only exit trade that matters

02 Apr 2020 - The Moscow Times

Coronavirus Hits Russian Markets

01 Apr 2020 - The New York Times

Why the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time

01 Apr 2020 - Finanz und Wirtschaft

Chinas holpriger Weg zurück zur Normalität

26 Mar 2020 - Financial Times

Global stocks falter after two days of big gains

22 Mar 2020 - Latin Finance

Guedes: Finance Minister of the Year

12 Mar 2020 - Bloomberg

India Pushed to Take Action

11 Mar 2020 - Forbes

In China, The Worst Could Be Over

09 Mar 2020 - Financial Times Alphaville

Markets Now - LIVE - Monday 9th March 2020

04 Mar 2020 - Financial Times

The seeds of the next debt crisis

03 Mar 2020 - Irish Independent

Why the US Fed’s rate cut matters here

28 Feb 2020 - Financial Times

Buying the coronavirus dip would be bold indeed

10 Feb 2020 - Bloomberg

Did Germany Contract Twice in 2019?

01 Feb 2020 - Expansion

Invertir en la era post-Brexit

18 Jan 2020 - Financial Times

Reasons to be cynical about the trade rally

13 Jan 2020 - OILPRICE.COM

What The Trade War Ceasefire Means For Oil

02 Jan 2020 - Financial Times

China steps up asset sales of Dajia Insurance

02 Jan 2020 - The Moscow Times

Russia in 2020: Where Are All the Foreign Banks?



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