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We offer macro-economic, political and investment strategy research and consulting. We cover the global economy as a whole and the major economies in their own right. We also cover a growing number of thematic sectors.

We pull this together in a series of daily, weekly and monthly publications, ad hoc briefings and conference calls. We have analysts in Europe, the US and China. We are known for our particular strength in covering the G8, China and the ten largest emerging markets. For more information on the countries we cover, go here

We believe in the value of the face-to-face meeting, where our views and your concerns can be explored and debated. We believe in the value of building relationships with our clients over time, so that we gain a deeper understanding of your specific research needs and your preferred style of working. This understanding helps us to provide timely briefings relevant to your portfolio, helping you to cut through the noise. In a world filled with algorithmic automation and historic data sets we offer forward-looking views and evidence-based judgment, and a human voice.

We actively encourage our clients to stress-test our views and ask questions that will allow us to identify those areas that are most critical for decision-making. For example, twice a year we ask our clients for their most pressing questions and then share our answers widely. See here. And, although your account manager is your first point of contact, we always make sure your research requests are handled by the best qualified analysts and strategists for the job in question.

Many of our clients have been with us for ten years or more, which we think speaks volumes about the services we offer and the quality and conviction of the recommendations we make.

A full list of services is linked HERE, which include:

  • Tailored research services (from weekly briefings and ad hoc notes to conference calls)
  • Client engagement
  • Speaking and moderating at client conferences and events
  • Bespoke research assignments and transaction consultancy
  • Country and political analysis
  • Due diligence assignments and validation

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View our summary videos on fast trending topics. To listen to a recording of our Conference Calls, please get in touch with zdl@tslombard.com


Track Record

We have a 28 year track record of successful calls. Many of these calls combined economic, political and market analysis.



To request an interview with a member of our team, please get in touch zdl@tslombard.com .



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